Affiliation Terms & Conditions

become our affiliate you need to follow our terms and conditions. By applying for affiliate program, we consider you as agreed on our terms & conditions.
There is no limitations. You reserve the right to stop promoting our programmes at any time. But we would like to hear why you are leaving us or your reason of this extreme step so we can help your or improve ourselves to avoid these departures.
We have no issues. And as per our knowledge, there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can promote our affiliate programme regardless of whether you work with other advertising networks.
Anything violating our terms and condition may lead to account suspension. And sometimes it may lead to stop paying commission as well.
You could not join other partnership or business program/s if you are already joined Bazaar Pk affiliate program. And in a similar way you can't join Bazaar Pk affiliate program if you are already signed up with some other program. In case of violation of this condition, you may lose all of your earned commission or sales at affiliate account or all other accounts if we find you enrolled in multiple programs. So if you already have multiple accounts with different Bazaar Pk program, please contact us to save your account and commission from penalty.